Travelpeques Blog Earache, natural remedies to relieve the pain

Earache, natural remedies to relieve the pain

Earache, natural remedies to relieve pain

There are several natural remedies That you can try to ease the pain.

Natural remedies for earache’earache

Among grandmother’s remedies is to place on the ears a rag with boiling salt that have the function of absorbing excess moisture.

It will be enough to heat coarse salt and put it inside a cloth or sock to be placed then on the aching ears for a few minutes.

The same principle of heat also applies using the hot hair dryer at medium temperature At a distance of about 60 cm from the ears.

Still, you can try to warm up some of theoil, then place two or three drops in the ear to be left for a few minutes before rinsing.

This remedy is not to be used in case there is any doubt that the eardrum is ruptured or perforated.

Olive oil can also be enriched with garlic or onion: the former, a powerful bactericide with protective action, can be made liquid after squeezing the head.

Garlic, because of its analgesic properties, can also be used on its own: once the juice has been obtained, it should be introduced into the ears for 5-10 minutes.

Onions, on the other hand, can simply be cut into small pieces and put in oil or can be used on their own: just extract the juice by crushing a quarter of it and wrap it in a clean cloth to hold for 10 minutes or so over the ear.

In the oil you can also add some ginger That will lubricate and disinfect the ear canal.

We must squeeze a few drops of fresh ginger into the oil and then use a few drops of this mixture in the ear.

Even more effective, instead of olive oil, is thelavender oil.

Finally, a plant can be used, the ginkgo biloba Which has the property of thinning the blood.

Of this there are hydroalcoholic extracts that can be taken under medical supervision.

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