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Witch’s stroke, how to treat it

Witch’s stroke, how to treat it

Witch’s stroke consists of a blockage of the lower back that becomes so difficult to move for a few days. It is due to a traumatic event: a sudden, abrupt movement, physical exertion that is too intense or that you have not controlled.

It is therefore a acute low back pain due to compression of the spinal nerves and contraction of the muscles, which remain blocked and therefore cannot do any other movement.

I symptoms related to witch’s stroke are:

  • twinges and heaviness at the level of the last vertebrae of the spine
  • difficulty with lumbar movements
  • pain in the buttock, groin, thigh, leg up to the feet
  • tingling or numbness in the legs or feet

Witch’s stroke may last a few days or weeks and then disappear.

The Treatment to treat this acute low back pain, consists of pain-soothing treatments and anti-inflammatories to unblock the muscles.

Decontracting massages and heat packs in the lower back are also useful.

Your doctor may also prescribe analgesics (acetaminophen), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen and nimesulide) or antispastics to loosen muscle contraction.

Certainly for the first few days of pain, it is best to assume a comfortable position and not stay in bed too long (to avoid complications), perform small and simple stretching exercises, without overdoing it but returning to rest immediately.

However, so much can be done to preventing witch’s stroke:

  • assume a correct position whatever you do
  • avoid staying too long in the same position (such as while working at a PC)
  • stay active at all times, avoiding prolonged sedentariness
  • Cover up appropriately if it is cold
  • not wearing uncomfortable footwear

Thus, preventing witch’s stroke is possible, performing regular physical activity and avoiding possible back trauma, especially if you are older.

Finally, prefer a’healthy diet to avoid obesity and overweight, other causes for which witch’s stroke occurs.

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