Travelpeques Blog Canale Monterano – Mayor Stefani “New season kicks off at Stigliano Spa important

Canale Monterano – Mayor Stefani “New season kicks off at Stigliano Spa important

Canale Monterano – Mayor Stefani: “The new season kicks off at Stigliano Spa, an important attraction of the whole territory.”

“Stigliano is an important tourist attraction for Canale Monterano, and collaboration with the management and ownership is becoming increasingly synergistic so as to maximize integration with the area.”.

Canale Monterano Mayor Angelo Stefani comments, with the start of the new season scheduled for today, March 11, on the relationships that for several years now have bound the municipal administration to what is a prestigious reality such as the Stigliano Spa.

“The value of this facility, entrusted to the figure of a new coordinator, is always growing with an increasing focus on the all-round well-being of those who attend it. Noteworthy is the decision to forge closer and closer relationships with the area, an added value for all. We also like the intention to start the cleaning operations of the archaeological structures that testify to the centuries of history of this important site.

The agreements with the national health system and with the municipality – Stefani says again – then allow a use of the facilities of the so-called Bagnarello also in terms of health and relaxation for our fellow citizens.”.

Already known to the Etruscans, the Romans and in the Renaissance, the Stigliano thermal baths constitute a vast complex of history and well-being set in a unique environmental context.

“In addition to the well-being of the body,” explains Federico Buonarroti, coordinator, “we intend to complement that of the soul in search of a harmony that also refreshes the mind. With great sensitivity, the ownership building on the ten years of good work done so far aims to refine and integrate the offerings. The common denominator is to make wellness “culture”. The goal is to offer those who come to stay a holistic experience.

The new location of the restaurant, the use of a starred chef who will follow the entire gastronomic line, a menu that offers dishes based on organic, genuine and traditional products, are all pieces of the new offer. Attending Stigliano will mean, in our intentions, having an all-round experience: from aperitifs at sunset by the pool enriched by the reading of classical texts done by professional actors to the ‘garden of philosophers’ where one can gather to meditate, from thematic conversations in a sort of literary cafĂ© to walks in the woods, from moments to discover the origins of popular musical culture to in-depth studies on the history of wine in collaboration with Fisar, Federazione Italiana Sommelier Albergatori e Ristoratori. Stigliano has the’ambition to join the shortlist of regional excellences in the ‘wellness hospitality’ sector.

This,” Buonarroti concludes, “is a place of history and we would like visitors to linger and listen to the sound of water, the sounds of nature, imagining that they are walking alongside Roman patricians, Etruscan warriors in a well-rounded experience that involves the individual in his or her entirety. Quality will be a prize offered to the guests, to the protagonists put in the field, and to the territory that deserves to have references like Stigliano, as outlined in our project.”.

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