Travelpeques Blog After-sun cream, how to choose the right one

After-sun cream, how to choose the right one

After-sun cream, how to choose the right one

If the importance of sunscreen as protection from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays is known to all, perhaps a little less well known is the importance of the after-sun cream.

Why it is important to apply it?

And how to choose the right after-sun lotion from the many on the market?

The after-sun cream serves to regenerate the skin after a day in the sun and in contact with the salinity of water: in fact, the skin, after these circumstances, becomes red and dehydrated.

After-sun is specifically for soothing and calming redness and preventing sunburns.

Usually these lotions are rich in vitamins, nutrients and moisturizers and have different textures to choose from. In fact, this is precisely the element to be evaluated in choosing as well as one’s skin type and how damaged it is after the sea.

There are commercially available variants in:

  • spray
  • milk
  • cream
  • oils
  • butters
  • gel

They are all very good but, depending on your needs, you may prefer one type that perhaps has a lighter, more impalpable texture and quick absorption than another after-sun that is easier to spread and so on.

Another way to choose after-sun lotion is to read the label, which may bear different wording such as:

  • soothing and calming;
  • moisturizing;
  • tan fixer;
  • nutrient;
  • anti-aging;

The important thing is to always apply after-sun and not to skip this essential “step” both for your own protection and to give new life to your skin and to consolidate your tan.

Among other things, many people think that after sunbathing a simple moisturizer is enough, but in fact it is always better to use an after-sun ad hoc that immediately makes the skin go from dehydrated and dry to nourished and hydrated as well as supple.

In fact, simple moisturizers certainly help counteract the unsightly effect of peeling but do not repair and soothe skin that is nonetheless stressed after sun exposure.

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