Travelpeques Blog Frosinone June 18 a day of prevention with Rotaract

Frosinone June 18 a day of prevention with Rotaract

Frosinone, June 18: a day of prevention with Rotaract

Frosinone Rotaract, through its public interest service committee (chaired by Rebecca Di Fazio), organized an open day for all on Saturday, June 18, at the Municipal Villa dedicated to the themes of prevention, sports and nutrition education in partnership with Rotary Frosinone. The initiative is carried out in collaboration with the Asl of Frosinone and sponsored by the Lazio region and the municipality of Frosinone. L’entrance is free.

From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., in the spaces of the Municipal Villa, there will be several doctors who will give valuable advice on how to assume a correct lifestyle, proposing interactive moments to engage the participants on topics regarding the most common diseases. Among them also dieticians and nutritionists to talk about the correlation between food and health. The day will open, at 9 a.m., with “Ask the Specialist”: it will be possible to consult the professionals present and ask them for guidance and suggestions. 9 a.m.45 there will be a taekwondo exhibition by the Minotti Association; followed by lectures by specialists.

Cardiologist Massimo Savona will talk about "nutrition and sports in cardiovascular prevention”. “Allergopathies in childhood” will be the topic treated by Armando Di Fazio, a pediatric allergist; "Psychological intervention in childhood" that by Maria Antonietta Rossi, a psychologist and psychotherapist. Massimo Uccioli, a dentist, will talk about “Dental Prevention Education”. Fausto Palleschi, general and occupational physician, will speak on “Nutrition and osteoporosis” Caterina Oddi, nutritionist biologist, on “Nutrition and senility”. “Diet as diabetes prevention” will be the topic covered by Ciro D'Ambrosio, digestive and metabolic prolo; “Primary prevention, central goal” by Norberto Venturi, oncologist and gastroenterologist. They will close the day “Osteopathic treatment ” by Nicola Saltarelli, physiotherapist, and “Agriculture

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