Travelpeques Blog Gaeta – Specialty Counseling Center in collaboration with the; Bambin Gesù Children&#8217s Hospital

Gaeta – Specialty Counseling Center in collaboration with the; Bambin Gesù Children&#8217s Hospital

Gaeta – Specialty Counseling Center in collaboration with the Children’Bambin Gesù Children&#8217s Hospital

It will kick off on November 7 p.v. the cardiology screening project promoted and funded by the Gaeta Municipal Administration and carried out in collaboration with the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital in Rome.

The important new social initiative, aimed at protecting the health of the youngest, was presented at a press conference held this morning at the headquarters of the Pediatric Specialty Counseling Center in the municipal premises on Florence Street.

In attendance were the Mayor of Gaeta Cosmo Mitrano, the Councillor for Culture and Social Services Francesca Lucreziano, the head of the Department of Culture and Social Welfare Veronica Gallinaro, the Head of Pediatric Surgery of the Children&#8217s Hospital Bambino Gesù Alessandro Inserra and the Head of the Complex Operating Unit of Pediatric Arithmology of the Children&#8217s Hospital Bambino Gesù Fabrizio Drago .

“Every parent cares about the health of their childrensaid Mayor MitranoBut people often do not think about the heart because it is believed that diseases related to it concern adulthood. And yet insidious diseases, precisely because they are hidden, involving this vital organ are not so rare. Therefore, as an administrator, but above all as a father, sensitive to health issues, I have activated since last June 13 a Pediatric Specialist Counseling Center in collaboration with the principals of the Bambino Gesù Children’Hospital, where free services are provided periodically in favor of children and young people who belong to the minor age group (0-17 years), simply with a request from the pediatrician or general practitioner.

With this in mind, in order to protect the health of children, I consider it my duty to intervene with incisive preventive and control actions, carrying out – thanks to the operators of the Complex Operative Unit of Arrhythmology of the Bambino Gesù Children’Children–s Hospital, a free electrocardiographic screening of our pupils. This project fully responds to the objectives placed at the basis of the close collaboration established with the Children’Children&#8217s Hospital Bambino Gesù in Rome: strengthening of the overall activities aimed at the pediatric age, and enrichment of the medical care offer in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, with the great advantage of avoiding for parents and children the inconvenience of traveling to Rome. Our initiative aims to be a little help to parents, a support in the growth and care of their children.

We want to make families feel that institutions are by their side in the difficult task of parenting, and that together we can better cope with all the situations that life can present, even the most complex ones”.

The’important initiative was explained by Dr. InserraOperators from the Complex Operative Unit of Arithmology of the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital will conduct an electrocardiographic screening of pupils from Gaeta’s Kindergarten (five-year-olds), Primary and High School (third grade). It’s a new step in the path undertaken together with Mayor Mitrano, aimed at offering the local population a counseling service to support the area’s medical care. We have joined with enthusiasm and conviction the proposal of the First Citizen aimed at opening the Center for Specialist Consultation in Gaeta.

We believe in the need to carry out decentralized and delocalized services to support local medical activities, for the benefit of families and to protect children&#8221s health, especially in this time of social and economic difficulty;.

For Dr. DragonIt’s really relevant to go down to the territory to do wide-ranging prevention. In this specific case we are going to monitor and prevent possible cardiological diseases. It’s essential to detect some diseases in the bud in order to treat them in the most appropriate way and prevent the most serious consequences.

The project is certainly within the framework of a’specialized medical counseling action, but it is also part of a strong information and awareness campaign toward pediatric heart disease”.

The screening, which will be carried out through electrocardiographic examinations and subsequent cardiological examination, will start on Saturday, November 7, from Don Bosco Primary School. The examinations will take place on a weekly basis according to a schedule agreed upon with each school headmaster.

We have taken action – Councillor Lucreziano is keen to point out – with the municipal offices of the Social Service, coordinated by manager Gallinaro, so that everything was ready to kick off this project of great social value. We have identified and prepared, in collaboration with school principals, the laboratories where the screening will take place and informed the families of pupils also through a letter from the mayor explaining the’initiative. Of course, adhesion is optional, parents are in fact invited to give their consent.

We hope with this project to achieve a twofold goal: to prevent possible heart diseases and to bring children, families and schools closer to prevention as a means of care and treatment“.

Please note that the Specialty Counseling Center in collaboration with the Bambino Gesù Hospital of Rome has been active in Gaeta at the municipal premises in Via Firenze (corner of Via Piave) since June. To request a specialist consultation, it is necessary to contact exclusively to their pediatrician or general practitioner. The service is offered to all children, whether residents of Gaeta or not.

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