Travelpeques Blog Pharmaceutical bank collected 541 thousand package of medicine

Pharmaceutical bank collected 541 thousand package of medicine

Pharmaceutical bank, collected 541 thousand packet of medicine

“Extend the Collection a a week represented a significant effort, but it was worth it. We sincerely thank those who made it possible: the citizens who have donated a drug, the volunteers of the Banco and the reality welfare, i pharmacists and the pharmacists holders who have hosted GRF in their pharmacy. Special thanks are also due to the companies and the trade associations: it is in fact thanks to their important ongoing contribution that the Banco Farmaceutico can donate medicines all year round to charities to fight health poverty in Italy,” said Sergio Daniotti, president of the non-profit Banco Farmaceutico Foundation.

An extraordinary achievement

“The extraordinary result,” he added – also achieved thanks to the visibility of the initiative in the media, especially on the TGR Rai, is still not enough to cover the expressed needs of the entities. We know that the virtuous alliance (donors, volunteers, pharmacists and companies) that is best expressed during GRF does not end with GRF. We are, therefore, convinced that our appeal at citizens, so that they donate their 5X1000 to the Banco (to transport the collected medicines to the institutions) and the companies, so that donino i medicines still serving for cover the needs, will not fall in vain.”.

During the GRF (which on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Banco Farmaceutico, lasted one week, from February 4 to 10) were collections over 541.000 packages by drugs over-the-counter, against the 421.904 than last year (29% more).

Donated medicines will help more than 473.000 poor people

The donated medicines will help more than 473.000 poor people cared for by 1.859 charities affiliated with the Banco Farmaceutico onlus Foundation (1.844 in 2019). Institutions have expressed a needs equal to 1.096.479 medicines (1.040.329 in 2019) which, thanks to the drugs collected, will be covered over the 49% (vs. 40.5 percent in 2019).

At the initiative have joined 4.945 pharmacies, 458 more than in 2019 (+10.21%). More than 22.000 volunteers and beyond 17.000 pharmacists. I holders of pharmacies have donated over 720.000 euros.

GRF was held under theHigh Patronage of the Presidency of the Republic, under the sponsorship of Aifa, in collaboration with Cdo Social Works, Federfarma, Fofi, Federchimica Assosalute, Assogenerici, Federsalus e BFResearch. Intesa Sanpaolo รจ Institutional Partner of the initiative. GRF is made possible by the major unconditional contribution of IBSA e Teva and support of EG Stada Group e DOC Generics and Unique – Pharmacists’ Pharmacy.

The day is supported by Mediafriends, Social Responsibility Rai, La7, Sky for Social, e Advertising Progress.

We are very satisfied with the results obtained…

“We are very pleased with the results of this year’s Drug Collection Day. The initiative is confirmed in line with the mission of the pharmacy to protect the health of the population by playing an increasingly active role in improving the quality of life of citizens, starting with the most frail and those who have increasing difficulties in caring for themselves due to the economic crisis. Pharmacy continues to be a fundamental point of reference for the community throughout the territory by activating, as part of the experimentation of new services, with great professional and organizational commitment to offer important social-health services inherent in information, prevention, and adherence to therapy,” said Marco Cossolo, president of Federfarma Nazionale.

“The success of this 20th edition of the Drug Collection Day, which involved 17.000 pharmacists and tens of thousands of citizens, is confirmation of the high ethical value and effectiveness of the action promoted by the Banco Farmaceutico Foundation, which the Federation of Pharmacists Associations has sponsored since its inception,” says the FOFI President Andrea Mandelli. “Expanding the duration of the campaign to one week allowed more pharmacies to join, and the public to be able to participate more easily. It is a demonstration that pharmacists are always at the side of citizens, starting with the most fragile, and ready to respond to their needs.”.

Welfare agencies and poor people need medication year-round

To fully meet their needs, donations must also be made in the following months. You can do this through the following activities of Banco Farmaceutico.

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