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Muscle tear, what to do after the injury

Muscle tear, what to do after the’injury

A muscle tear consists of the rupture of some or even all of the fibers of the muscle. In the event a few days‘ use of Lasonil can bring the problem under control.

Muscle strain, as it happens

Occurs due to stretching more than the muscle could do: for example, when it has not been warmed up enough before exercise or due to an abrupt contraction of the muscle or a sudden jerk.

Immediately after the injury you can protect the injury from further trauma and thus avoid nonessential movements; apply ice and compress the muscle with a bandage.

Finally, keep the muscle elevated at times of rest and avoid applying heat or alcohol to the sore spot.

Recommended absolute rest and avoid sports activity of any kind and above all, never massage the painful area.

If only a few fibers are damaged and the pain is very mild and is felt especially when doing a certain movement, we will be facing the first-degree muscle tear.

It resolves in a few days by staying at rest

It resolves in a few days by resting and not playing sports and applying cold ice packs to the sore spot.

On the other hand, if more than one injured fiber is affected by the tear, the pain will be more severe and a visible hematoma will probably also form.

You have to stay at rest, and this is also the only thing to do because it is very difficult to continue practicing activities.

In addition, rehabilitation treatment will be needed to return the muscle to its original condition.

To reduce the evidence of hematoma

Certainly to reduce the evidence of the hematoma, ice packs can be used but it will always be best to consult the doctor.

Just as it will be necessary to consult it in the case of third-degree muscle strain that is, when at least 3/4 of the muscle fibers have been injured.

Acute pain, hematoma and functional difficulty of the affected part present themselves.

A medical and rehabilitation course is necessary to fully recover the use of the muscle.

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