Travelpeques Blog September it’s back to sports after the vacations

September it’s back to sports after the vacations

September, it’s back to sports after the vacations

September will see a full return to everyday life after the summer. Among the things that many Italians are thinking of doing definitely include getting in shape, working out and maybe starting a diet or joining a gym. Indeed, getting back into sports after the vacations is a good idea but there are several things to do.

Don’t overdo it after the vacations

Definitely you need to restart gradually, without overdoing it to “punish” yourself for the snubs made during the vacations. Precisely because there is joint stiffness due to having stopped training and therefore it is better not to do workouts that are too intense and hard.

In addition to resuming sports, it may be helpful to follow a healthier diet (even with a doctor’s consultation to start a diet), drink more and generally have a more active lifestyle precisely because perhaps in the summer you were lulled more and gave yourself to a more sedentary lifestyle.

This, taking into account also the fact that in September you resume with the study and maybe even start more stressful work rhythms. Taking up sports again should be a leisure activity and not an additional source of stress! In fact, it is advisable to have days off (even two) from work and training.

The weather in September

Considering that the weather is still good in September, outdoor activities such as running or simple walks at a quicker pace can also be done, avoiding getting on the couch immediately after returning home. This is a good way to resume working out gradually, in fact you don’t necessarily have to do workouts at home (perhaps by watching tutorials on the internet) or join a gym.

You can do these simple workout activities at first, just to let your body (bones and muscles) get used to it again, and then do heavier workouts (or maybe the ones you used to do before the vacations) over time.

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