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Hot weather how to use air conditioner at night

Hot weather, how to use the air conditioner at night

In hot weather, sleeping becomes more difficult, which is why many people decide to installing an air conditioner at home. But How to use and adjust it at night without running the risk of harming their own health or that of other tenants?

Heat and air conditioning, beware of’use

Many state-of-the-art air conditioners are equipped with a “sleep” mode (i.e., night mode) by which they automatically set the right temperature at night to prevent health damage. With this mode you can use the air conditioner even in rooms where the elderly and children sleep, however, you may want to set it manually and here are then some tips.

The basic idea, when installing and setting up the air conditioner, is to never direct the jet of cold air directly onto your body or even your face because your nose may dry out and thus become the preferred site for germs, viruses and bacteria.

Therefore, it is ideal that the air jet is directed upward.

As for the air temperature, it should be remembered that the air in the room should never be too low compared to the air outside because when one sleeps, the perception of heat is less and there is a serious risk of waking up in the morning with contracted muscles and aches resulting from the cold. In general, the ideal temperature of the air conditioner should be half the outside temperature plus 10 (for example, if the outside temperature is 30 degrees, we will have to set the air conditioner temperature to 25 degrees).

However, at night it is preferable to raise it a bit (e.g. settle it to 26 degrees and never go below 24 degrees) for the reason that the body feels the cold more. One more piece of advice is to Turn on the air conditioner before going to sleep and turn it off when you are lying down or set it to turn off automatically because after all, when you fall asleep, your body naturally cools down and you will fall asleep without much trouble.

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